Planning Applications

Do you require planning, or assistance with an existing planning application?

We have successfully gained planning approvals for many projects differing in size and complexity ranging from one-off individual domestic properties, to housing schemes and commercial developments. We have worked with many local planning authorities and have built up good professional working relationships over the past few years.

For advice on planning or any other statutory and legal obligations please contact us.

We generally produce work for the following types of application from outline planning, reserved matters application and on occasion full planning permission.

Typically work covers the production of outline design or conceptual studies along with more detailed design work to address planning conditions related to reserved matters applications.

The typical detailed design work normally covers production of hard and soft landscaping plans (please see below for more information), tree protection plans and boundary proposals. These are produced to discharge the relevant landscape planning condition required to gain planning approval. We also produce written reports, which generally cover landscape specifications and landscape maintenance.

Hard landscaping plans outline, the general arrangement of all the hard landscaping elements within the scheme, identifies the types and specification of all the hard landscaping materials along with levels and any other miscellaneous information.

Soft landscaping plans outline, the general arrangement of all the landscaping elements of the scheme, it identifies the types, specific location of existing and proposed planting & specification of all the soft elements within the scheme along with detailed planting design, grassed areas and concise plant schedule.

Fees for the production of work are generally charged on a time-charged or lump sum basis and are dependent on complexity of the project or planning requirements. All fees are exclusive of VAT, expenses and disbursements (such as planning applications and applications for approval of planning conditions).