Planting Design

Our planting design covers domestic and commercial projects of any size, either as stand-alone drawings or as part of our garden design services. We have vast experience and knowledge in the design, selection, specification and installation of plants and trees, to ensure you get the right plant in the right place and one that thrives.

We source and select plants from local commercial growers and the best nationwide independent nurseries to ensure all the plants we use are quality and where possible UK in provenance.

How it works It all starts by getting in touch and an initial visit from us where you have the opportunity to discuss the requirements, aspirations, and theme for your project to determine the design brief. A written quotation will be prepared identifying the scope of work along with the likely cost for the production of the design work. Our fees are generally charged on a time-charged or lump sum basis and are dependent on complexity of the project or brief.

All fees are exclusive of VAT & expenses. After being appointed a detailed survey will be undertaken to provide accurate measurements of all existing external features, structures and existing vegetation.

We are generally responsible for the majority of surveys especially for smaller projects, however for larger projects and complex sites a qualified surveyor may undertake a topographic survey if necessary.

We will then produce the necessary design work to fulfil the requirements of the brief to gain full approval for the design and drawing production. Don’t feel left out, during the design production we will provide drawing work and information along the way to ensure you feel engaged with the process, it’s an ideal opportunity for you to tell us what you like and don’t like.

The outcome of which will be a planting plan that illustrates the general arrangement, design and layout along with plant schedule. The plant schedule identifies and illustrates, plant/tree species, size, densities and total numbers.